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Connie offers several relaxing and therapeutic massage at spa lip. On occasions, we will make house calls with notice please call for information 941-349-4833 .

Our massages may be combined to create a customized therapy session based on your particular needs. You may also combine a massage with a Facial Treatment (see our Spa Packages) as well as Aromatherapy and Hot Stones.

Swedish Massage

Swedish is the most common style of massage, done using the fingers and hands, is characterized by long strokes (called effleurage), friction and kneading, on the surface of the muscles. Oil or lotion is rubbed on the bare skin to smooth the stroke. Swedish massage is used largely for relaxation, reducing stress and pain and to improve circulation.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage targets muscle groups used in a specific activity and works them on a deep level. It can be done before athletic events to calm and settle nerves, or after a workout to prevent soreness and help speed recovery by increasing blood flow, flushing out post-exercise lactic acid and stretching muscles to restore suppleness.

Injury Rehabilitation

Deeper specific strokes intended to increase movement and reduce pain in the injured area.

Massage Enhancements

Hot Stones
In our hot stone massage, stones are heated to a soothing warm temperature placed on the body and are used by the therapist to get deeper into the muscle tissue adding a whole other level of relaxation. Treatment uses aromatherapy massage oil to add even more layers of relaxation. Add $25.00 to the price of your massage.

Aromatherapy is the ancient practice of the massaging of essential oils into the body to elicit different physical and emotional responses. This adds another dimension to the massage and is both enjoyable and beneficial. We can create a custom blend just for you which includes oil to take home. Add $20 to the price of your massage.


Massage Rates Exclusively by Connie Lewis BS LMT

30 minutes – $50                         
60 minutes – $100
90 minutes – $150