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See visible results in just one session with the micro current facial. As seen on Oprah this facial is non invasive and results driven. I have had clients who came in on a regular basis and told me their friends thought they had work done ! It actually is very relaxing and pain free. Give me a call for more details about this wonderful service !

During this luxurious and relaxing treatment, jaw lines get tighter, eyebrows lift and crows feet are reduced. You will see the results after just one treatment however multiple treatments are recommended to for the most visible and longer lasting results.
The facial sculpting system is used for the non invasive treatment of wrinkles. It works by stimulating facial muscles and your skin’s own natural collagen.
Do you sink or sag? Sinkers tend to see changes in their 30’s such as crows feet, and the lines around the lips and on the cheeks. Saggers see fat drifting downwards. Over time the jaw line diminishes, fat pads appear under the eyes and the brown line flattens. Facial Sculpting can greatly reduce the visible signs of aging.
As more people learn of the benefits from a microcurrent or facial sculpting facial more are opting for this safe alternative to skincare rather than the more and invasive aggressive treatments on the market today. If you have recieved facial injections, facial sculpting or microcurrent facials are for you too ! It will help maintain your lift in between injections. Since the process is accumulative, more treatments bring more noticible and longer lasting results. Most people see their desired results within 7-12 treatments. Personally my clients and I see the most visible results after the 3rd treatment and it just gets better from there.
The Combined use of Pevonia Botanica’s ultimate anit-aging products during this facial treatment enhances the treatment even more by assisting in product penetration.
“My personal philosophy when working with a client for the first time or the hundreth time is to see with my hands, to assist me intuitively know when and how to proceed with the facial treatments or a massage treatment. After so many years of practise (25+) I have developed a sixthe sense that guides me the service to let my hands tell me what to do next enegetically and physically allowing me to give my clients the perfect session for them.